Sharing your Knapsack-powered design system has never been easier.

The Design System Package (DSP) format makes it easier than ever for teams to share design system information across platforms, and Adobe’s powerful new XD extension for VS Code allows engineers to access up-to-date system code, assets, and documentation right from within their code editor. Now, Knapsack allows teams to automatically generate and keep an up-to-date DSP of their system so they can make use of these amazing new innovations.

With the Knapsack DSP plugin, engineers in VS Code are able to:
  • View live component embeds
  • Reference always up-to-date screenshots
  • Grab code snippets for all your design system’s supported frameworks
  • Check out bite-sized docs without leaving VS Code — or view the full version in Knapsack's web experience
  • Share colors, spacing, typography, and more with deep design token integration
  • Rest assured they’re working with the latest because Knapsack automatically generates an always up-to-date design system package
One central source of truth for your system, available in context, and always up to date so that you can build without rebuilding.

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